BON Natural Oils - No Harsh Chemicals | No Parabens

B.O.N has a proud heritage spanning more than 40 years. We are one of the leading producers of pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil in the world and we supply a number of large international flavour & fragrance houses. We also manufacture a range of personal care products under our B.O.N Label. These products are formulated to cater for the growing consumer trend towards NATURAL products, which have proven benefits. Even though we focus on high quality natural raw materials our products remain affordable, thereby offering our customers good value for money.

Our philosophy is simple: to develop and manufacture the best quality skin care products, which are natural, have a proven benefit, and retail at affordable prices. We have numerous testimonials from our satisfied customers confirming that our products add value to their lives! Our products do not contain any parfaits, colourants, BHT, paragons or synthetics preservatives.

Natural Oils for Pregnancy and Stretch Mark Treatment